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08 November 2011

I've been convicted!

Wow! I was reading a secular book the other day. In the book, the child character was required to read a chapter out of the Bible every day. She was then expected to tell her parents how that chapter helped her become a better Christian, and then she was to write one verse to memorize (Mom required that it not be the shortest verse. lol).

Hmmmm....when I read the Bible, how do I do it? Do I read to "get it over with", or because "it's my habit"? Do I do it from a perspective of "a task to check off my list"? Do I even pay attention to what I am reading -- much less try to apply it to my life?

I think I'll take a page out of the book -- literally -- and make sure that my reading time is productively spent. I, too, will look at each passage I've read to see how it applies to my Christian walk. I will also try to find a verse to write in my notebook -- and on my heart.

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