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31 December 2012

Year End

I was reading a forwarded email -- normally I don't read anything that's been forwarded, but this happened to be about an "entertainer" I never cared for. Part of the message was that this person and their spouse were both dead. I began to wonder whether they were in hell or in heaven. Did any of their friends know Christ? Did anyone share the Good News that we are sinners, but that Christ came to this earth to save each of us from certain eternity in hell if we did not repent and believe in Jesus as the only way to heaven? What if I knew this person? Would I have been afraid to share, or would I have spoken out about Jesus? How about you? Will you hide your light, or will you take a stand? This world is getting worse day by day. Things are more complicated. Many people who attend a church on Sunday never hear the Good News. When Jesus takes us home, will you be ashamed of your stand on earth? Time's short. GO TELL!!!!

It's been a great year and I am thankful that God has allowed me the privilege of hosting this blog. I pray that you have been strengthened in your faith as you've studied with me. Next year's blog is 2013musing.blogspot.com - join me!

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  1. Trysch:
    Thanks for all your informative postings last year; it kept our GraceGroup on track and aided greatly our understanding of God's word.

    Blessings :)