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14 August 2012

Harvest America

Harvest America is coming on August 26 (http://harvestamerica.com). It’s a way to invite your unbelieving friends to a Gospel presentation in a non-threatening way. The presentation will include music by Mercy Me. Internet connection to this program is complimentary, so you can invite your friends to your home for some food, friendship and the presentation of the greatest news in the world.

The program will also be located at various venues around the world. Gracepoint’s “neutral” venue  is  at Rocketown in Pompano Beach (371 S. Federal Highway 33062). Doors open 6:15 and the event begins at 7:00.  At least one Gracegroup leader will host an event in their home. Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale is also hosting the event. If you are not local to Fort Lauderdale, go to http://harvestamerica.com/find-a-location.html#HarvestAmerica to find a nearby location.

We ask that you think of five people you want to see in the Kingdom. Write their names down and pray for an opportunity to invite them. Pray that God will prepare their hearts for the Gospel presentation, and pray that they will say yes to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

And then – invite them  (we recommend you wait until the 20th – 23rd) – bring them – and make it easy for them to come. It will be less threatening for them if you go with them, and the sponsors say that most people who respond to God’s invitation are brought by a friend.

Other ways you can pray for Harvest America:

Pray that churches become involved as host sites.
Pray for Pastor Greg Laurie and his team as they make this gospel presentation possible.
Pray for volunteers to come along side to serve as ushers, follow up and prayer teams.
Pray for boldness so people will invite their friends, and pray for the hearts of these unsaved people.
Pray for the newly saved as they go forward in their Christian walk. If you are fortunate enough to have a friend accept Christ, pray that you will be able to help them take their first steps in their new life.

There are many volunteer opportunities available. Check with the church office to see how you can help!

The free gift of salvation is the best present your friends could ever receive. What’s stopping you from inviting your friends? If you need suggestions for how to invite people, feel free to contact us!

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